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Sensor System


Sensor System Team is in charge of commercializing various sensors, modules and systems based on MEMS(Microelectromechanical System) technology.

It has successfully conducted core projects in a number of countries through our top domestic developing and manufacturing technologies.

We have conducted R&D on various sensor products and introduced them into a number of target markets, including not only marine & shipbuilding but also automobiles, household electronic appliances, medical science, chemical and industrial plants market while pushing forward with developing products and businesses related to USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network).


Platinum Thin Film RTD Sensor

We have developed resistance type temperature sensors featuring high resolving power, micro size and low price using new materials and ceramic board based on the application of platinum thin film RTD sensor technology.

The platinum thin film RTD sensor is vacuum deposited in sputtering manner and micro-patterned through photolithography and etching process before going through high-precision laser trimming process. We are able to customize the product according to your specific specifications and prices in accordance with IEC and JIS standards based on our automated process in each manufacturing stage.

  • The sensor is made of ceramic and platinum with superior durability against high temperature and stability in a wide range of temperature from 40℃ to 400℃.
  • It features superior resistance against vibration and shock as the platinum thin film is sputtered on the surface of ceramic.
  • The surface of platinum thin film, which is coated with ceramic provides excellent withstanding voltage and insulation resistance.
  • Pt RTD can be classified into four different categories in accordance with IEC and JIS standards to meet different needs of our customers.

Application area

  • Medical equipment, heater control equipment, coolant, boiler, industrial automation, temperature measurement of machinery, ventilation system and etc.
Pattern array/Laser Trimming pattern/Electron microphotograph

Metal Thin Film Pressure Sensors

We develop pressure sensors suitable for high temperature and high-pressure environment by utilizing the principle of metal thin film pressure sensor and conducting vapor deposition of materials without resistance variability. In addition, temperature and pressure can be measured by having a temperature sensor vacuum-deposited on the sensing element layer.

The thin-film strain gauge type pressure sensor has a simple structure and uses stainless steel diaphragm directly as a pressure module with the capability of resolving poor contact problem when applying pressure between stainless steel holder and silicon for packaging silicon type pressure sensor. It also features a superior performance and durability against high temperature and pressure although it has a lack of sensitivity compared to semiconductor type pressure sensor.

The vacuum deposited thin film stain gauge features superior long-term stability and easy temperature compensation compared to other pressure sensors. The screw module of diaphragm comes in whole-in-one type and assembly type. It also features strong durability against instantaneous pressure while the material of the pressure module boasts of an outstanding anti-corrosion without concern of leakage.

Application area

  • Pressure Transducer and transmitter, industrial automation, ventilation system, automobiles, aircrafts, hydraulic system, compressor, medical instruments
Metal Thin Film Pressure Sensors

Capacitance-type Humidity Sensors

Capacitance-type Humidity SensorsWe develop the capacitance-type humidity sensors with high performance and long-term stability. The technology used for this product not only ensures high reliability and rapid response but also features low temperature constant and a wide range of usable temperature.

The capacitance-type humidity sensor is manufactured through the semiconductor-based process. The set layer of humidity sensor has a parallel condenser structure while the metal thin layer on the top and bottom are electric conductors and the polymer in between is comprised of moisture detection polymer.

The metal thin film layer on top is manufactured to have pores to facilitate the entry of moisture. The polymer layer directly changes dielectric constant according to the moisture in the air.

The sensor features a high stability with excellent linearity, precision, low temperature dependence and a rapid response, which makes the sensor available for measurement under various circumstances.

Application area

  • automobile, air conditioner, humidifier, warehouse, ventilation system, medical equipment, weather forecast system, food processing, indoor environment management.

Pressure Sensor Modules For ESC

The pressure sensor modules for ESC(Electronic Stability Control) system is designed to provide the optical operation to control the brake power of wheels under the condition where the steering system does not work.

The ESC system is also designed to have the brake and start-up power of each wheel controlled independently and is used in ABS and TCS as a basic item since it detects and controls steering wheel angel, braking pressure, and vehicle speed.

Application area

  • ESC, ABS, TCS, TPMS and etc.
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