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Lighting System


The technology in lighting industry has repeated advancement from rudimentary lights in the initial stage to the state-of-the-art products through numerous trials and errors.

The lighting technology which used to focus on functional aspects in the past is now introducing more sophisticated features and advantages to meet various needs of consumers through application of more scientific technology in addition to basic functions.

Our Lighting System Team is making its utmost to meet or exceeds various needs and requirements of our customers with a variety of products, including not only the ones for marine and shipbuilding industry but also industrial lighting, scenery lighting, construction lighting and environmental lighting.


Lighting Solution

We have accumulated various experiences and know-how related to lighting design, arrangement and lighting control on the marine structures such as ships, offshore, drill ships or FPSOs to provide a total lighting engineering solution for our customers

  • Design and arrangement of lighting for ships and offshore plants
  • Analysis and optimization of the spatial lighting design data using lighting simulation
  • Design of lighting controls (KNX / EIB and DALI System)

Lighting Architecture

Lighting Architecture

Special Lighting

Petrochemical, gas, oil refining or offshore plants (drill ships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, FPSOs or FPUs) have the danger of fire or gas poisoning, etc. due to explosion from handling countless hazardous materials under high temperature and high pressure in various processes. Design, construction and operation must take place by having a precise concept of explosion-proof design in order to prevent the danger of explosion in advance.

We’re performing research and development on the optimal explosion-proof lighting instruments considering stability based on explosion-proof zones (Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2), explosion classes (IIA, IIB and IIC) and ignition temperature classes (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6).

Explosion-Proof Lighting Instruments

LED Lighting

LED is a light-emitting device which converts electric energy into light energy as a type of compound semiconductor.

Although fluorescent lamps contain a harmful substance called mercury, LED is an environment-friendly material which only emits visible rays as a device to emit light using the characteristics of semiconductor without the application of any harmful substances.

We’re performing research and development on the various LED products to replace the existing light source under the motto of environment-friendliness.

LED Lighting

Lighting Control System

KNX system-based lighting control has energy saving effect and forms an optimum spatial environment as a system that can construct a high-quality environment by controlling the level of lighting which is appropriate for spatial characteristics, purpose or situation.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) means a digital protocol used throughout the world that has overcome the limitations and the disadvantages of 1-10V control design method which is the existing analog type control method.

KNX / EIB System Diagram

Proposes an integrated system design of switch & controlling items, power configuration and communication wiring configuration, etc.

KNX / EIB System Diagram

Lighting Control Application mode – Control scene propose

ighting Control Application mode – Control scene propose
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