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Communication System


The Telecommunication System Division develops Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) for any type of warship, from patrol boats and landing platform ships to submarines.

DAEYANG’s Telecommunication Division has succeeded in development of the first ICS based on high-speed fiber optical network technology in Korea.

Our division provides the world’s leading tactical communication network for all naval ships such as a destroyer, large landing platform, and submarine through development of integrating data communication as well as wire communication and wireless communication.

DAEYANG’s Telecommunication Communication Division is continuously developing further secure, fast, and reliable communication environment in any type of ships from ships to submarines based on our accumulated experience and technology.


Advanced Digital Integrated

DAEYANG’s ICS, ADICS-21, is designed to meet the requirements of today’s naval forces for the ship’s mission as providing the optimal communication environment with voice communication, digital message handling communication, satellite communication, and data communication.


  • High brightness LED as the next-generation light source
  • High definition, long longevity, excellent vibration proof
  • High efficiency, Energy-saving lighting equipment
  • Various colors
Advanced Digital Integrated

System Configuration

  • Internal Communication System
    - Point to Point Call
    - Point to Multi Call
    - Multi Simultaneous Call
    - Conference Call
    - Group Call
    - Broadcasting Call
  • External Communication System
    - HF/VHF/UHF Radio Communication Interface
    - DMHS Interface
    - Satellite Communication Interface
    - Data Link Interface
  • Announcing System
    - Local Zone Group Announcing
    - Broadcasting Announcing
    - Remote Announcing
    - Emergency Announcing
    - Alarming
    - Entertainment Announcing

Additional Options

  • Wireless Interior Communication System
  • Interior Telephone System
  • CCTV System
  • Navigation/Weather Information System


DAEYANG’S WICS, WIRAS-III, is designed to use the fire and damage control as well as the maritime supply, flight control, engine area control, and other ship operations.

The digital TETRA wireless communication system, WIRAS-III, is also designed to allow the ship mobile crew to communicate with each other and optionally with ICS users anywhere in the interior or exterior of the ship through the radiation cable installed in the inside of the ship and the whip antenna installed in the outside of the ship as using the mobile radio terminals, user terminals, and the dispatcher with the voice and message communication capabilities.


  • TDMA
  • Full Duplex
  • Half Duplex
  • Various Connectivity
    - Point to Point Call
    - Point to Multi Call
    - Multi Simultaneous Call
    - Conference Call
    - Group Call
    - Broadcasting Call
  • Flexibility Interfacing through the SIP standard
  • 380~400 MHz Bandwidth
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) Implementation
  • Telephone Interfacing through PABX
  • ICS Interfacing through Gateway
  • Radiating Antenna

Network Announcing System

DAEYANG’S Network Announcing System, DEANS, is designed to provide the private media terminal installed in each personal bunker rest room, kitchen, the command room in case of the warship with the video streaming, and the personal entertainment service such as VOD and AOD as well as announcing. Thus, DEANS enable crews to adapt themselves to the long period life at sea.


  • Satellite TV, Broadcasting Various media such as Radio
  • On-demand Contents consisting of DVD and CD
  • Personal Demand Service
Network Announcing System
Network Announcing System

Digital Voice/Audio Record System

Digital Voice/Audio Record SystemDAEYANG’S Digital Voice/Audio Record System, DVR-08, is the equipment to record ICS’s calls or voice calls of the directly connected communication equipment and play those calls in the naval ships.


  • 4.8’’, 7’’ TFT LCS Touch Screen
  • Record Channel: 7 or 8 Ch
  • Play Channel: 1 Ch
  • 19’’ Rack Mounted
  • Continuous Over 160 Recording Time on Each Channel
  • Crypt/Decrypt Record Files
  • Log Management for System and User Account
  • Remote Control Record
  • Sampling Frequency Change
Digital Voice/Audio Record System


As a microprocessor-based military signal conversion device, the communication modem (HDM-320) may be mounted on a 19" European standard rack along with the slide rail.

HDM-320 is able to independently perform the function to modulate during transmissions or demodulate during receptions and may be operated by interworking with the Integrated Communication System (ICS). The power supply may be used as 110~220V AC or 24V DC and operation or transmission / reception status may be monitored through keypad, display or speaker, etc.

  • Support FSK, PSK and MIL-STD-188-110A, STANAG 4415/4429/4481/4539/5065/5066 : other waveforms are available on request
  • Supports legacy interface (current loop communication)
  • Various interfaces RS-232/422
  • Built-in audio monitoring speaker
  • Selectable monitoring audio line(Tx, Rx, combine Tx/Rx)
  • Available automatic input power change(AC/DC)
  • Adjustable gain of waveform(Tx and Rx)
  • Various PTT interfaces(local automatic and manual, serial remote, by-pass)
  • Dimension : 482.6 x 44 x 289 (WxHxDmm)
  • Weight : App. 4.1 kg
  • Meet military standards (MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-S-901D and MIL-STD-167-1A with in 19’ inch rack)
통신모뎀 운용관련 연결 계통도


Integrated ship information system is an integrated network system for ships constructed based on a 10Gb optical backbone network and a dual system for the satisfactory information exchange and integration between various types of systems operated in a ship.

integrated ship information system is configured as internet network, defense red switch network and backup network in addition to the national defense network. It has been designed to maximize security and accessibility at the same time by constructing a fully independent network in physical aspect.

Providing network integration with

  • VoIP telephone system
  • CCTV system
  • Integrated engine control system
  • Voyage information distribution system
  • Video conference system
  • Others systems using Ethernet access
  • RFID identification and access control
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