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Technology development and Maxmizing people’s abilities are
at the core of our philosophy and vision

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DAEYANG Company Profile

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DAEYANG Company Profile

DAEYANG Company Profile

Communicaiton System

Communicaiton System

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Rolling Stock Equipment

Underwater Vehicles

Underwater Vehicles

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Equipment for Navalship




Where does innovation begin?
From the light that illuminates the sea
High-speed trains
Endless passion towards innovation
Shines on the future
Beginning of world innovation


1977Founded Daeyang Electric Co., Ltd.
1988Established affiliated technical research center
2003Designated as a distinguished manufacturing technical research center
2011Listed on the KOSDAQ
2015Selected as a World Class 300 company / Acquired 50 million dollars Export Award


Since its foundation in 1977, Daeyang has paved the way with continuous efforts on the development of new technologies and products; including, but not limited to Marine Lighting, Communication System, Power System, Underwater System and Industrial Sensors.
By establishing an affiliated R&D center in 1988, we have been consistently promoting and practicing a technical pioneering spirit within our company. In 2003, Daeyang was appointed as an outstanding technical research center with innovations by the government. In 2011, Daeyang was listed on Korean stock market and by 2015, we were selected as a World Class 300 company by Korean government, and presented with the award for 50 million US Dollars Export Award, while continuing to strive to develop state of the art technologies and products.
In addition, our extensive experience in the field along with all of our innovations in technologies have led to more than 1,500 international standard certificates, including IECEx, ATEX, ISO9001/14001, OSHAS 18001, ILAC/MRA and various class certificates, proving the outstanding performance and quality of our products and technologies.

We undertake production of various lighting for shipbuilding and offshore industries, industrial plants, military uses and railway industries.
We provide various products that passed strict ILAC Standard tests of vibration, shock, Ingress Protection, temperature and humidity, light distribution, and anti-corrosion.
With continuous R&D efforts, we have been developing and supplying lighting products that are adequate to operate in harsh marine environments, including extremely low temperatures condition in the artic. Also, our research into explosion proof products has led our products being able to satisfactorily endure hazardous condition with safety assurance given by offshore industry.
We aim to become the No. 1 lighting manufacturer not only in Korea, but also in the world, by being acknowledged for our innovative technologies in the global market.


1. Communication System :

ADICS, WIRAS, SDN are used for wired and wireless communications in special vessels, such as naval battleships and submarines. These systems transfer multimedia information such as voice, video, data and message to the inside and outside of vessel.
Ship Shore Communication Link System(SSCLS) supports primary for Emergency Shut-Down(ESD) signals and also supports telecommunications and data transfer between LNG carriers and the terminals.

2. Power System :

With our extensive field practices and experiences, we also provide the various power systems for the railway industry and the marine industry.

3. Underwater System :

Haemirae, Korea’s first and the world’s fourth 6000m level unmanned underwater vehicle, can explore 97% of the world’s oceans. We design and manufacture a Mine Disposal Vehicle that also can detect and remove underwater mines. In addition, we offer various underwater systems named, Sea Lancer and Sea Rover for military vessels and commercial purposes.


Our Nautical Instruments are mainly 1. sensor based monitoring systems and 2. weather observation equipment.
Extremely cryogenic temperature sensors for LNG carriers have been especially acknowledged in the global market for its excellent technology in the field. Moreover, our explosion proof temperature sensors for both onshore and offshore plants have continuously expanded beyond the scope of its applications.
Our Weather Information System provides weather information in real time via regional weather observation systems that were established under the agreements with major telecom carriers and observatories of the government weather office.
Our product range further expands to Radar Type Level Transmitters and Custody Transfer System to provide the total solution in measure and control area.

We also offer various sensor products under the brand ‘TheSen’ for outside the marine industry.
Our sensors, developed using our extensive experiences and knowledge in the highly severe marine industry, offer various competitive edges even within other industries.
We produce various sensors using MEMS technology, and SoC design that can satisfy various customers’ needs.
Our pressure sensor is used in ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system which controls body posture and braking force of a car in emergency situations.
Furthermore, we offer wide range MEMS-based sensors for various industrial fields.

Our R&D center conducts Lighting Architecture such as Lighting Concept and Layout Design. It also composes Illumination Calculation, Lighting Optimization and Control Diagrams based on 3D Modeling.
And we have also been the core of the military communication system development for, especially Korean Navy, and are working on next generation communication system for domestic and global market.
Underwater system is another area which we have our strength in and we are the leading underwater system center of ROV, AUV, and MDV not just in Korea but in Asia.
We are leading the way to fulfill our vision of ‘Serving the Society through Technology Innovation’. It is also the driving force behind the present Daeyang, which is a highly technology oriented company with heavy investment in R&D.
As we that firmly believe in never giving up, even when there’s a less than 1% possibility of success, we will continue our efforts in paving the way for new and innovative technologies as we have since the inception of our company.

Our effort towards Technology Innovation will continue, as we exert all of our competence towards new and exciting innovations. However, technology innovation is only one step in the process and not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to serve our society through technology innovation. Our constant effort to achieve this goal will continue no matter what.

Beyond Technology, Daeyang.

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